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Some things about me, myself and I.

Hello! 👋

My name is Frie1, I’m a data scientist / low-budget data engineer2 / coding person from Germany. Until the end of 2021, I work as COO for CorrelAid, a data4good network of over 1500 data scientists where I am in charge of our project coordination and developing tools and maintaining our technical infrastructure. In addition, I (co-)organize educational events such as the CorrelCon, the monthly Open Online Data Meetup and the biweekly CorrelAid tidytuesday coding hangout. Before that, I studied political science and data science and worked in IT consulting for two years. Besides that, I also enjoy being outdoors (hiking, exploring), being indoors (being lazy), taking photos of things and eating good food. I am quite active on Twitter, so feel free to follow me there.

You can find out about some of my projects under the projects menu.

My pronouns are they/them in English, sie/ihr3 or er/ihm in German.

Skills and interests

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  1. Pronounced like the word “free” if you were wondering. Yeah, that made for some funny situations during my Erasmus year in the UK.↩︎

  2. I heavily use GitHub actions, R and all sorts of other shenanigans to automate data-related processes. It’s all on a small scale but I really enjoy this sort of work.↩︎

  3. Fellow German speakers: me using sie/ihr in German does not mean you can use she/her pronouns in English for me. That’s not how it works! Please respect my pronouns when talking in English! Thank you. :)↩︎

  4. “ant route” (literally “ant street”) in German. 🐜 The story behind that is that I’m highly uncreative and when I created my Twitter account I was laying on my bed and there was an “ant street” next to my bedstand. Yes, really. It was 2013 and I was living in the basement of a Berlin family during my internship.↩︎


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