R Projects

A selection of my R projects

R on Raspberry Pi / smcounts πŸ“¦

A project I started back in 2017 for CorrelAid. Born out of lack of knowledge about cloud solutions, I used my Raspberry Pi to collect daily data on subscriber/like/follower counts for mailchimp, twitter and facebook. After a switch to Python + AWS, I revisited the Raspberry Pi + R solution in autumn / winter 2020: I refactored the data collection functionality into the smcounts package and added a GitHub action to notify me about failure of the daily script.

The Raspberry Pi specific code and the GitHub action can be found in the correlaid-utils repository. This is also where the csv data is updated daily.

I have given two (recorded) talks about the evolution of this project.

newsanchor πŸ“¦

The newsanchor R package provides a wrapper for https://newsapi.org/. News API is a simple HTTP REST API for searching and retrieving live articles from all over the web. You can get breaking news headlines, and search for articles from over 30,000 news sources and blogs.

The newsanchor project was / is a CorrelAid project that I initiated together with Jan Dix to give data scientists from our network the opportunity to learn R package development. Together with Yannik and Lars, we were able to develop newsanchor over a couple of months and release it to CRAN. πŸŽ‰ πŸ’ͺ

pocketapi πŸ“¦

The pocketapi package provides a R wrapper for the Pocket API. You can use pocketapi to access and modify your own pockets and to add new links to your Pocket programmatically.

pocketapi was the follow-up CorrelAid R development project to newsanchor. Again, it was a such rewarding experience to collaborate with fellow CorrelAiders on this project and learn more about package development in R (shoutout to Yannik for preparing the CRAN release!).

projectutils πŸ“¦

projectutils is an R package which I am developing for internal use at CorrelAid - mainly for maintaining our project β€œdatabase” and interfacing with surveymonkey to easily download applications for our projects.

sealr πŸ“¦

sealr is an R package aiming to provide authentication and authorization strategies for users of the plumber R package.

I co-developed a first working prototype / skeleton of this package together with Jan Dix, a good friend of mine whom I know from CorrelAid.

I gave a talk on sealr at useR2019, the annual R user conference:

Right now, we are not actively developing sealr. If you want to contribute to it or take over the project, please contact me.


If you see mistakes or want to suggest changes, please create an issue on the source repository.


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